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CSR Statement

Parts United takes responsibility for the impact that its activities have on people, the environment and society. To reduce its impact, Parts United focuses on reducing its carbon footprint, managing waste and improving the purchasing process. It also takes initiatives to ensure that the company is as ‘green’ as possible. Based on this philosophy, Parts United hopes that it can also inspire its employees, suppliers and customers to focus on sustainability and being environmentally aware.

Core values
Socially responsible business practices are part our core values. Parts United believes in creating added value in the long term via its business activities by focusing on people, the planet and revenue. To achieve this we regularly discuss relevant matters with our stakeholders.

Early participation in sustainable technological development is of strategic importance to us. On the one hand, this enables us to keep up with innovative developments. On the other hand, this often leads to spin-offs by giving access to new markets. Parts United is able to gain know-how that can be used as input for other, often energy-market related projects.

Code of conduct
The code of conduct relating to socially responsible business practices is laid down in the highest level within the organisation, and falls under the management and the advisory council. Socially responsible business practices form an integrated part of our HR policy and business principles.

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