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Apache Wireless Signal Transmission



Apache products are aimed at access provision and access control. Unique products that are extremely innovative and easy to use.

The product range is extensive in terms of universal remote controls such as the Apache700XR GSM modules which can be used as a simple remote contr...

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ASO Safety Signal Transmission

 ASO Safety

ASO Safety Solutions is a German manufacturer active in the world of safety devices, such as compression security, signal transmission and operating systems. The company ASO was founded in 1984 and...

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Bircher Signal Transmission


Bircher Reglomat

Bircher Reglomat AG with its headquarters in Beringen, Switzerland, is one of the specialists for detectors for automatic doors and gates with reliable solutions for activating and protecting slidi...

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Prastel Signal Transmission



Prastel is a company created in 1980 and specialized in designing and manufacturing electronic systems for automation, access control and security.
Since then, Prastel has been acting as a leader in the technologies of radio, opto-electronics, contactless identification and microprocessor-based electronic cards development. ...

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