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Parts United B.V. supplies a complete range of technical products, among others, for access technology and access control to dealers and installers. We are responsible for the sales, marketing, distribution and technical support of the products of a wide range of brands in Europe.

Market leader
We are a market leader in the supply of opening and security applications for automatic doors. We offer a wide range of brands based on different technologies. We also supply an assortment of door accessories, including: access controls, remote controls and (wireless) push buttons.

Not just any product
We believe that the products that we sell must be user-friendly, easy to install, and appealing to look at. This is evident from our product line. We don’t just sell any product. Every product on our shelves receives the necessary attention. This means the product documentation must be up to date, the product must be easy to use and preferably include the latest technologies.

Perfect solutions
We aim to provide the perfect solution for every application. This is achieved by employing skilled, technical experts and advisors, and by using the best and most reliable products. We have long-standing and good relationships with our manufacturers and distributors in Europe.

Our parts division is a specialist in the supply of parts for technical products. Parts United is a key player in the European market for parts and products for technical services.

Parts United has gained a dominant position in the supply of products for the maintenance and replacement markets of technical installations in buildings and industrial products in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, Ireland and Spain. It is also a major European supplier of access control parts. Parts United serves around 6,000 customers worldwide.

Parts United supplies the right product, within the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price.

Parts United B.V.


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